Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn 2015, Pages 1-74 
2. Modeling Urban Sprawling of Tehran Metropolitan Area Based on PSO

Pages 15-23

Hatef Alrahman Salehi Asfichi; Jalal Karami; Sayyed Ali Alavi

4. A Study of Diatoms Seasonal Distribution and Biodiversity in Helleh River Estuary, Persian Gulf

Pages 32-44

Omidvar Farhadian; Mojtaba Pouladi; Amir Vazirizadeh; Roya Sedaghat

7. The Role of Highly Conserved Tryptophan in the Sixth Conserved Region at Substrate Specificity of α- amylase

Pages 66-73

Seyed-Masoud Etezad; Kamaladin Gharanjig; Bahareh Dabirmanesh; Khosro Khajeh