Length-Weight Relationships of Five Species of Demersal Fish from North of Persian Gulf, Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Fisheries, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Gorgan, Iran.

2 Iranian Fisheries Research Organization, Tehran, Iran.

3 South of Iran Aquaculture Fishery Research Center, Ahvaz, Iran


 This study describes length-weight relationships of five species (platycephalus indicus, Pseudorhombus elevates, Plicofollis tenuispinis, Grammoplites suppositus, Pomadays stridens) collected from Persian Gulf (Khuzestan province, Iran) during December 2009 to November 2011. A total of 2065 specimen were examined for this study. The relationship between weight and total length were estimated: W=0.000004L3.10 (n=470, R2=0.86) for p. indicus, W=0.000009L3.04 (n=363,R2=0.96) for p. elevates ,W=0.000005L3.10 (n=466,R2 =0.82), for p. tenuispinis, , W=0.000006L2.95 (n=486,R2 =0.69), for G. suppositus and W=0.00009L3.04 (n=201,R2 =0.89) for p. stridens. Length-weight relationship indicated positive allometric growth for p. stridens, p. tenuispinis and p. indicus while negative allometric growth for G. suppositus. The expected aim of the present study was to provide basic information for fishery biologists in Iran.