Growth, Mortality and Stock Abundance of Venerid Bivalve, Paphia cor from Iranian Coastal Waters of Bushehr, Persian Gulf

Document Type : Research Paper


Iran Shrimp Research Institute, Bushehr, Iran.


In this study, population dynamics of venerid bivalve Paphia cor was investigated for a one-year period (2008-2009) in Bushehr shoreline areas (50˚ 40´ E- 29˚ 14´N) to estimate the stock abundance, growth parameters and natural mortality. Sampling was carried out bi-monthly by transects at random direction and zigzag pattern with duplicated quadrate (0.25 m2). The length frequency was used to estimate the growth and natural mortality parameters using LFDA statistical software. Sediment (μ), salinity (ppt) and water temperature (°C) were also sampled and measured. The Von Bertalanffy growth parameters were estimated as K = 0.8 year−1, L¥ = 55 mm and t0 = -0.45 year−1. Estimated natural mortality rate and maximum age (Tmax) were 0.57 year−1 and 50 months respectively. The mean (±SE) stock abundance of P. cor was 10.5±0.9 shells/m2, with the maximum in February and the minimum in November. The mean value of water temperature and salinity were 25.2 °C (SD = 1.6) and 42 ppt (SD = 1.4) respectively. The bottom sediment grain sizes consisted of gravel (2.0 μ). The results showed that the water temperature and sediment types affected the growth and existence of P. cor in the studied area.